Back to Good – June 29, 2005

God is good! It’s a beautiful day here in the big city of Monroe.

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping (though I can’t really hear them), and my Lisy is home with her baby! I’m so happy! We can be “normal” again. Okay, so we’re never normal (we are after all Johnson’s), but we don’t have to worry about driving to and from the hospital every night leaving Lis all alone and wondering when she is going to get better.

I went home for lunch today and it felt so good. I was so happy and playful. Sogra even noted that I was happy. It was just so nice to see Lis and Lukas reunited and the three of us together. You don’t realize how much you miss and need someone until they’re gone. I needed her and missed her.

So Lis is back home and feeling better. The swelling has gone down, her temperature is normal, her blood pressure is normal but she still has to take medication for her bacteria thing. Everything is going well.

Nothing else to update. Yesterday was Elen’s birthday and Erik took her to some ceramic painting place, dinner, a movie and then home (I think). This weekend we’re going to celebrate Grandma’s, Elen, Randy and Mom’s birthdays.

9 thoughts on “Back to Good – June 29, 2005

  1. That is great to hear! The power of prayer is amazing. Seriously, I cant get over how adorable your son is! Anyhow, glad to hear she is home and I hope all looks up from here!


  2. Congratulations!!! Happy 4th of July and so happy that you can all be together to celebrate.Hugs to the three of you!!Janet


  3. Yeah!!! Home sweet family!! Love the family pic on the stoop. Happy you guys just get to be yourselves over the long weekend. Have a great one. You all deserve it.


  4. Yippee!!I and my family are so happy for you all!And your son is a darling little boy. Makes me want to have another! Have a great 4th!!We will keep you in our prayers.


  5. i am sure glad to hear the good news. that is one great picture you took. in 1983 we found out my wife had cancer. i remember we both spent the entire month of july in the hospital. that was a real bad month for us. she is still here with me though and i prayed a lot while all that was going on. i hope every one in your family has a great holiday.


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