Scrubs Fever – June 22, 2005

Ahh yes, it’s that time again. A week has passed since Round 2 ended so now it’s time for our favorite part of the show…side effects. Let us first start weakness in your body, and while we’re at let’s mix in some nausea, when you’re beginning to enjoy that I’d like to throw in a dry mouth and lack of taste and to top it off (hopefully) let’s fluctuate your temperature for a day or more. Yes, the side effects have arrived and Lis is enjoying every minute of it.

Last night she complained of being cold and wrapped herself with a blanket. I, wearing shorts and a t-shirt, felt quite warm. The house felt muggy after the day we had with the sun battling the rain. You could feel the humidity, at least I could, and so could Elen who agreed with me that it was warm in here.

When we went to bed I leaned over to give her my goodnight kiss and ended up burning my lips. I asked her how she felt and she replied “fine”. If she had just had her arm cut off by a spoon she’d still reply “fine”. We checked her temp and it was at 102. We checked it a half hour more and it was 0.5 higher. She checked it in the in the middle of the night and it was the same.

This morning we thought we had a doctor’s appointment, so I figured it was good timing to have a fever. Instead we have an appointment tomorrow and Lis is battling her fever again. This time her temp has risen to 104.6, but as of 9pm has fallen down to 101. Yippee!

Other than the increase in temperature everything is going “fine”. Hehe! My hours extended from 9-6pm, will begin work at the Herald in the middle of July, I need to get the Goonies back together for a summer league season, and I need the Spurs to defeat the Pistons in Game 7 so that I can win $1 from Josh.

We recently finished watching the first season of Scrubs that my buddy so kindly let us borrow. If you’re not watching Scrubs you need to be. I believe it’s the funniest show on TV, though the Simpsons are pretty darn funny, and one of the best shows on TV. Though very silly, the show touches on some sensitive issues, for example a character played by Brendan Fraser, is diagnosed with leukemia. It was a touching episode that we could relate to, too much. Zach Braff’s character J.D., narrates the show as if reading from his journal (all the episodes begin with My…for instance, My First Day) and always end with a message that most everyone can relate to. Anyway, before I begin to repeat myself, I just want to end by saying Scrubs rules! And this is coming from a die hard Friends fan. Okay, fine, my top five favorite sitcoms. 1. Friends, 2. Scrubs, 3. Seinfeld, 4. Simpsons, 5. Wonder Years.

I guess I’ll go now. People deal with things differently and I’m learning that with Lis and my family. We are more emotional and use humor to hide our fear, while Lis’ family hides from their fear by doing different things. For example, while Lis is fevering, her Mom is attending to Lukas. I asked Lis if her Mom is scared and she replied, “fine”…just teasing, she said she was. It’s fine, different people deal with tough situations differently, that’s why we’re all different.

3 thoughts on “Scrubs Fever – June 22, 2005

  1. I\’m glad to know round 2 is over. Mybestfriends Mom is going through the same thing, bust with breast cancer. Being weak, sick to her stomach, high fever. She has 13 more rounds to go. I know it is tough and as you said we are all different and we take things different. As for your family making humor as a way to hide fear of the unknown that is how our family is, well My husband, he\’s the one who gets everyone else going . As for my immediate family, they take it so serious. So I understand that. I hope the Doctors appointment goes well for lis, I\’m sure it will.Take care and your prayers are still with us.Your friend,Patty


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