The Island and the Birdie – June 18, 2005

Things are going okay for Lisy. It’s weird because I keep thinking that everything is all right with her, when in fact, the chemo from Round 2 is going through her body and making her weak and nauseated. I think it’s because she is home and able to move around fine. If she were in the hospital I’d be thinking the opposite. Anyway, she’s doing fine. She gets sick to her stomach, has aches all over her body and gets tired easily. Minor things, as long as she doesn’t get an infection then we’re okay. Silly how that is…she can experience all this other pain but as long as she doesn’t get more painful then we’re okay.

Yesterday (Friday), I took Lis to Everett to get a shot. The shot is to help her body produce white blood cells. Since the chemo is destroying the cells she needs assistance in boosting the white blood cells so that her immune system isn’t too down. After waiting 45 minutes in the lobby Lis got her little prick (different than my little prick, okay that was uncalled for) and we were done for the day. Looking around I realized that there are just too many people with cancer. It’s crazy. In the “treatment room” alone there were six people all receiving IVs for something. I never thought about cancer before, now I can’t go a day without thinking about it.

Anyway, later that evening Josh, Elen, Randy, Erik and I went to Waldo’s in Kirkland to see Lis’ former co-worker, Mike, perform with his band the Subdwellers. Lis allowed me to go and “represent” her at the bar as long as I didn’t spend money. Thankfully I have a good friend in Josh who likes to see me drink and helped pay for a couple drinks. We had a good time, the band is good, the bar was loud, but we had a lot of fun. Morey, the Goonies newest member, has a big crush on Elen and wanted me to hook her up with him. Unfortunately, there is a language barrier and Elen isn’t attracted to him. Elen also got to drive our car home from the bar; it’s always fun driving with a first-time driver. Elen had never driven in the United States. I know you might be thinking, “they don’t have cars in Brazil”? They do but the laws here are different. You can turn right on a red light here but not there and the braking system in our cars is different (if you hit the breaks fast here then the car stops right in the middle of the road – thank you Erik for not rear-ending us). Overall it was a fun time, I always enjoy going out with my brothers and friends and spending time drinking and being goofy.

Today I woke up with a headache…hmmm wonder why. I had told my Mom that Sogra, Elen, Lis, Lukas and I would come over and help clean up the island. Actually Lis and Lukas weren’t going to help, one because he can’t and the other because she shouldn’t be doing too much stuff. Josh also came over to participate in the clean-up party.

When we got there my grandparents and Mom had already tied a boat from the mainland to the island. My Mom had already gotten herself onto the island but came back to get Elen and more supplies. Josh and I followed Elen and my Mom and Sogra came right after. We cleaned up quite a bit and when I saw we I mean the Mom’s. Elen, Josh and I did a lot of clearing out and Josh was able to start a fire on the island.

I, meanwhile, was trying to find a way to save a bird that had fallen out of its nest (no thanks to us humans chopping down the tree the nest was in) and into the water. Turns out the little bird can’t swim so Sogra pulled him out of the water and gave him to me. Another bird was also out of the nest but he ran away and we weren’t able to ruin his life. The bird we found I put back into it’s nest and sent it across the pond with me. Grandma then found a nice branch to rest the nest and the bird spent the rest of the day crying for help. I hope that his mommy finds him and saves him.

I really felt emotionally attached to this little bird. I wanted to see him survive. Maybe it’s my new fatherly instincts or something. Being a father I know how hard it would be if I were to lose Lukas. I wanted the poor little bird to be reunited with his mommy. How lame am I?

Anyway, Sogra and Mom got most of the island cleared out and we were able to finally get them off the island after Josh and I exchanged the boat Josh had over-inflated with the same boat at Big 5. Turns out they have a good exchange policy. Hopefully the manager doesn’t look in the box, he’ll find that the boat was patched about eight times and that we used an air compressor to blow up the boat. Good times.

Tonight we went to Red Robin for the Father’s Day meal. Since we told my Dad we’d take him out for Father’s Day, and since we don’t have any food in the house, we figured we’d do it tonight and tomorrow have a bbq and some smores.

Tomorrow is my first Father’s Day; it should probably be uneventful but still special. I love being a father and every day I seem to love it more. I hope to write more about that tomorrow in my special Father’s Day entry.

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