Round 2 Ends – June 16, 2005

This morning Lukas and I went to the hospital to pick up Lis. Her three days of chemotherapy ended last night with her last bag coming at 11:30pm. Now she gets to spend the next two weeks hopefully side effect-free. I’ll try to keep a close watch on her and hopefully we won’t have any of the problems we had before.

Again, it’s tough to write as the computer is in the room where the in-laws are staying and they wish that I turned off the light so that they can go to sleep.

We also got a call from Lis’ store manager. She let us know that her medical leave would be ending and that it’s likely she will be terminated. It seems odd, but I guess as a business you have to do what you have to do. I was kind of curious as to what happens with the insurance in this sort of situation. Do they continue as Cobra benefits? Do her benefits get terminated also? So before I got too stressed and worried knowing that Lis wouldn’t be able to get insurance anywhere else and knowing that we may be in a lifetime of debt, I decided to call the Moneytree benefits department.

I spoke with our health insurance friend who told me that Lis’ leave is done on the 29th of June and that after that the store will determine if they want to extend Lis’ leave or to just terminate her. We’re guessing they’re going to terminate her. Lis only worked two days at the Monroe store and nobody there knows her or cares too much about what’s going on. Lis had previously worked over a year in the Bothell store and everyone fell in love with her and have been so helpful and caring since this happened. It’s unfortunate the timing cause I believe the staff in Bothell would’ve tried to keep Lis on staff.

So if Lis is terminated (it just seems weird to terminate someone that can’t do anything about her situation) then we’ll have to pay $600 a month for our insurance ($330 for Lis, $270 for the kid and I). It’s a good thing we had that account. I think we’re going to need another car wash soon.

Other than that, Lis is doing fine. She is starting to feel sick to her stomach but has no other symptoms of any side effects. The hospital gave us a list of things to look out for so we’ll be looking out for her. I’ll cut this entry short cause there are other things I have to do, but I’ve been thinking of writing about the things I’ve learned since April 7th – The Day We Found Out…check back later.

5 thoughts on “Round 2 Ends – June 16, 2005

  1. Stay strong. You seem like a wonderful husband with an amazing wife. Your family is in my prayers. May God be with you and your wife. Continue to fight, continue to pray, and continue to perservere. God bless you and your family.


  2. Keep your spirits up! You and your family are doing so awesome, stay strong! You are in my thoughts and prayers~ shannon


  3. I am sure your wife\’s really happy to have a supportive and loving man like you help her fight this battle. Do continue to stay strong and positive. Praying for you and your family and hope all goes well.


  4. Kevin,Things can only get better from now. Now since she did these rounds of chemo what happens from here on out? Does that mean the cancer is gone or will there be other rounds of it? . Some people would not be able to handle this and Lisy no matter what she\’s going through she is very lucky to have you and Lukas.Thats probably keeps her going besides her own strenghths. Lisy has been in our prayers nightly since i started reading your space and she\’s very beautiful and very strong.Sorry about the rambling on, I know you have looked at my space yet don\’t know if you read any of it. I do tend to ramble.if you ever need anything and I\’m not just saying it to say it please let me know.Take care,Patty


  5. Hi Kevin. Sorry to hear about the insurance stuff. That should be the last thing you should be worrying about right now. Have you thought about setting up a PayPal account so that people who see your site can donate? Also, you may want to look into individual insurance. It is going to be hard considering that Lisy has leukemia but, you may find a better deal. Before I was a full time Mom I worked in medical insurance and I would be happy to at least lead you in the right direction or give you a few places to look. Feel free to email me if you are interested. Cobra may be something you have to stick with for a while because of "pre-existing conditions" but, it wouldnt hurt to look elsewhere. Good luck and I will keep you all in my prayers.


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