Welcome Home – May 7, 2005 – Day 30

It’s finally over. The month stay at the hospital has ended and Lis has come home.

My mother-in-law, sister-in-law, son and I headed over to the hospital at about 11:30am. My Mom and Dad had already arrived. As we were walking into the room I overheard the nurse saying “Do you want to wait for them?”

We entered the room to see that it was cleaned out and Lis was waiting to go home. I couldn’t believe it. After 30 days of living at the hospital Lis got to go home. I began to cry (by now everyone knows I’m a total sap). I think it was a mixture of tears.

Tears of joy as Lis finally was able to go home and tears of sadness cause we had to say goodbye to the staff of Floor 7. It’s weird thinking about it now. For 30 days they were our family. They took care of Lis, they helped with Lukas, they fell in love with Lukas and they became “friends” of ours. My mom especially had grown close to most of these nurses seeing them day in and day out. She too shed some tears. What can I say, we’re an emotional family. Lis? She was just happy to be leaving. To feel the fresh air, to taste real food and to see how high the gas prices had risen.

It was nice to have her back. We got home, she walked around looking at the house. Nothing had changed but that’s okay, it was home. She kept smiling and as of 10:30pm she has kept that smile on her face. She has gotten to hang out and play with her son, to hug her family, to kiss me (yippee!). It feels great to be a family again.

Later she got to eat her mom’s home cooked rice and beans. She had been waiting for these. We hung out, talked, she napped, it was great having her home again. It feels awesome.

God does work in mysterious ways and I believe he loves the dramatics. I mean, c’mon, a day before Mother’s Day and Lis gets to come home. Hollywood couldn’t have written a better script (maybe I should get started). I’m looking forward to tomorrow. It already is my favorite Mother’s Day. Lis is home, her mom is here, and my mom, who had spent days and countless hours with Lis at the hospital, taking care of her and Lukas, gets to have a day of rest. Allelujah! What a great job she did. I hope for her its the best Mother’s Day also, despite the gift I didn’t buy her.

2 thoughts on “Welcome Home – May 7, 2005 – Day 30

  1. Hi my name is jonathan, just wanted to say man you strength is an inspiration. and i wish for the sake of your kid, yourself and your wife that some how the other life would get back to normal for you and your family,remember faith can make a mountain move,God Bless wishing you the best


  2. I will be saying prayers for you and your beautiful family. I have read your story and I have shed the tears with you. Tears of fear of whats was going to happen. Tears of happiness from the out come. And Big smiles of that pictures, espeicialy of that beautiful baby. Thank you for your story. I pray that you will have a long and beautiful life.Bev.


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